A house for a friend

A long time ago, I came up with the idea of a sort of “Secret Santa” with a couple of decorator friends. My idea was basically for each one to decorate a house for each other. That never did go anywhere for a lot of reasons. Still I wanted for something to come out of it so I offered to decorate a house for Jazabelle, one of the people involved on this crazy idea.

Jazabelle was very kind and patient. She only asked for a few features, letting me free to build the rest of the house anyway I saw fit. She also always found some time to come check something that I had some doubts to give her opinion on.

Ironically this turned out to be a double edged sword. For months I had decorator’s block since I couldn’t figure the best way to use all the space available in a way that made sense for Jazabelle’s character. Eventually I decided to settle with a small apartment since I figured out she already have houses her character actually lived in other places. An apartment in Qeynos made more sense if she wouldn’t be creating roots in the city. To this end I did a break out of the actual house and built everything inside the fake house next to it.

The result was pretty good in my opinion and Jazabelle seemed to like it.

Before people can get into the house itself there is a little hallway. Looking at it now it looks kinda creepy which wasn’t the intention!

Entrance 1

Entrance 2

The living area where Jazabelle can receive visits to chat and have some drinks.

Living area 1

Living Area 2

Living area 3

Living area 4

Living area 5

Going to the west wing of the house there are a couple features. First is the garden where she can relax a bit and with a small spot for reading.


Garden 2

Garden 3

The glass work on the garden ceiling was an idea I got from someone else in the Homeshow forums. Unfortunately the original thread where I posted this house (and gave the proper credit) is pretty much gone for all I know. So I don’t remember who I got the idea anymore. Apologies for the original creator! >_<

Anyway, the colors for this piece were suggestions from Jazabelle herself.

Garden 4

On the other side of that wing is Jazabelle’s library. Just a small selection of her books there but enough to keep her entertained, I guess.


The library also has some counters so she could do some research if she chose to do so.

Library 2

To finish with the library, a small sitting area either for Jazabelle herself or to be another spot to receive guests.

Library 3

Going back and then to the east wing of the house, we find the bedroom.

It contains a very fancy bathing area!


Bathing 2

Bathing 3

Some of her knick knacks are on display in the bedroom too.

Knick Knacks

Finally we come to the bedroom area itself

Bedroom area

Bedroom area 2

Bedroom area 3

Thanks for looking!

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