A Humble Paladin’s Home

Everybody has a period in their life where they go through a crisis. For Ramalis, my Shadow Knight, during that period he end up becoming a Paladin. I know this sounds like a terrible attempt at a some sort of joke but there were some quite serious reasons for it both for me personally and for roleplay purposes. The point is, during that phase he end up living in Kelethin.

This was a hard house to do because for a long period I was going through Decorator’s Block (no, I am serious) and working on this house was my way to try to get through it. The result was a very weak house design, if I am going to be honest. But it is part of my history as a decorator so therefore I am putting it here.

Oh, yeah. I did some changes to the house after I posted it to the EQ2 Homeshow forums. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like I have the original screenshots only the ones after the changes. So there might be some discrepancies between the pictures.

As always… A view from the entrance!

Ze Entrance!

The living area. It is pretty much a copy of the living area in Lumilie’s house. I guess  that goes to show how bad my decorator’s block was since I was just aping myself!

Living Area

Living area 2

A pretty simple dinner area… Ramalis was never one to expect guests since he was too busy in one of his own crusades to socialize much. The selling crates were put there to look like they were to serve as storage for food as well as kitchen utensils.

Kitchen and dinner area

Kitchen and dinner area 2

Kitchen and Dinner area 3

Kitchen and dinner area 4

In the back of the house was the altar of Mithaniel Marr where Ramalis prayed to have the strength and courage to deal with his challenges.

Pray for Mithaniel Marr to give you courage

As a paladin, Ramalis didn’t have much in the way of material goods. No other place reflects this as much as in his own bedroom. As you can seem most of his possessions consisted of books. His thirsty for books was a way to try to learn more about the world as it is, a way to compensate for all the lies he grew up believing while he lived in Neriak. The desk also served for Ramalis to write his journal so he would never forget everything he did: the good acts as well as the evil ones.

Bedroom view from the entrance

Despite his meager means, knightly courtesy required that he had a guest room just in case someone needed a place to stay for the night. It had as much comfort as he could afford for such occasions. This area looks purposefully empty as the idea was for it to be filled with guest’s items.

Guest bedroom 1


Guest bedroom 2

Thanks for looking!

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