Rakuno’s Qeynos Manor 2nd Version

After I got more comfortable with editing layouts to do my house decorations it was time to go back to Rakuno’s house and upgrade it to the new times. With this house certain features of Rakuno house solidified. Now I can’t imagine Rakuno living in a house without a bar or without some kind of treasure vault.

Another interesting tidbit is that… I don’t remember, if it it was in the middle of it or shortly after I finished it, but at some point they added an outdoor patio to the biggest Qeynos and Freeport houses. The door to that outdoor area just happened to be right at the back of the original bar I built for Rakuno. After some thinking I decided I wanted to do something with that outdoors area and remade the entire bar. The screenshots below are from the final version. So there might be some discrepancies with some screenshots. I put the original screenshots at the end of the post for historical purposes. 🙂

Now without further ado… The house itself!

In the entrance Rakuno built a small shop to receive orders for  carpentry work. In case anyone is wondering, that Firiona Vie statue was a gift from a friend. I think she got it as reward from one of the Fan Faires or a magazine code or something. She was kind enough to offer it to some people in the decorator’s channel and making disposable alts to put those statues in people’s homes. Sadly she is gone from the game now due to real life becoming too busy for games. But if anyone wants  that statue try asking in the Homeshow channel (it used to be Antonia_Bayle.Homeshow unless it changed) and someone there might have it.


Entrance 2

Entrance 3

In the back of the first floor is where Rakuno does all his magic. Well, carpentry magic since he wasn’t a wizard and… ah, you know what I mean!

Carpentry Shop

Way in the back of the carpentry area, one can find Rakuno’s weapon display. As well as the entrance for his treasure vault!

Weapons Display

Entrance to the treasure vault

Inside the vault itself are all the stuff Rakuno collected throughout the years, safe from any would be thief!

Lotsa treasure!

Downstairs, in the basement, Mirthday, Rakuno’s burynai room mate, finally got a bedroom that actually looked like a bedroom! This was one of the things I changed from the original too since… Well, the original wasn’t working so well.

Mirthday's Bedroom

Mirthday's Bedroom 2

Going all back up to the entrance and then up to the second floor, we come to Rakuno’s small dojo. Something he built for his own practice and in case he ever got drunk enough to accept disciples. Fortunately that never happened.

Who is the master?

Punch harder!

Drinks and food for the students

Near the dojo was the locker room for possible students to change and shower. As usual the showers were Rakuno’s own tinkered solutions to the problem!


Shower stalls

Next to the dojo was the guest room… Just in case someone decided to crash for the night.

Guest bedroom

Guest bedroom 2

Next to the dojo was also Rakuno’s biggest pride in the house: the bar!

One note about the refrigerator. It was based on the design of another decorator, Gracee, who made a refrigerator that became quite popular in the Homeshow forums. So much that people would just say  they made their own versions of the “Gracee”. 🙂

The cabinets of the bar were inspired by Jaylah’s work, who was one of the most amazing decorators in the forums.

For some reason though I forgot to take some screenshots of the bathroom…  Just imagine it to have a lot of bathroom reading and you are not too far off.


Bar 2

Bar 3

Rakuno being a shameless drunkard decided to build his bedroom area on top of the bar!

Rakuno's bedroom area

Just outside the bar there is a beer garden for some cold drinks with friends during those hot summers.

Beer garden

Beer garden 2

A small bar in the beer garden

Back in the house, in the attic area lies Rakuno’s meditation garden. It also has a couple small areas to chill out and his altar to Brell.

This garden was based on a design by Mistal. Although I am not sure if she ever finished hers or if she posted it in the Homeshow forums.

View of the meditation garden by the entrance

Ze panda statue!


A small shrine to Brell

The meditation area under the tree and a terracota monk statue nearby

A small sitting spot by the window

Thanks for looking! 😀

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