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I’ve been meaning to make this post for a long but didn’t for…. reasons. Anyway, there is this pretty funny video made by a person called Chenova where she collected some amusing confessions from people in different forums and made a video about that. She also adds her own confessions near the end of the video too.

In keeping with the spirit of the video here are my confessions:

  • I think I like multiple companion mods not so much because of the extra muscle/companionship as much as for all the extra loot I can carry by having more companions around. Yes, I tend to treat them as a pack mules…
  • After finishing a dungeon if there are still loot around but my companions inventory is full and mine is about to go above my carrying capacity then I just turn TGM (godmode in Skyrim), loot anything that is left and then go to town to sell all the crap. Even if I don’tย needย the money I still do it. I may have a problem with looting…
  • It is a known fact that I love modding. How much? Well, right now I have about 133 .ESPs/.ESMs files enabled. Total mod files though (i.e. counting with retextures and such) is 172. But give or take a dozen for patch files and compatibility files. That is after trying to cut down on mod files. I think my record was 168 or 180 .ESPs/ESMs and an ungodly amount of total mod files.
  • When I played my Dark Brotherhood character she married Muiri for no other reason than I thought it would be amusing for a contractor to marry the person who just murdered a few people for her. True love in Skyrim? Not in that game!
  • My waifus in Skyrim would be Serana, Lydia and Delphine in exactly that order. I’d add Astrid too but her control freakishness might make her an interesting character but I am not sure I’d like it in a waifu.

So, those are mine. What are your Skyrim confessions? ๐Ÿ™‚

EDIT:ย Forgot to add one confession! To me the most dangerous creatures in Skyrim aren’t the dragons. Or the Falmer. It is bears! I swear they are like ninja. They get behind you without you noticing until they are on top of you and mauling your face. My poor mage character died a lot because of bear attacks.

4 thoughts on “Skyrim Confessions”

  1. Heh, I’ll have to make my own confessions.
    It’s interesting you pack mule your companions. I tend to set them and forget them.

    • I always used my companions as pack mules. I mean, I liked taking Lydia around with me. I also liked looting everything that wasn’t nailed down or on fire. So when I started to get overemcumbered it made sense to make her carry the rest of the stuff. After that it just went downhill with multiple companion mods…

  2. I really loved this post and the video! So much that I feel tempted to make my own post with Skyrim confessions and reinstall the game. I can’t promise anything, though, it’s already hard enough to publish any posts at all atm.

    • Thanks! And the video is indeed awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€

      If you make your own posts I will eagerly read it. I will even link it in the post too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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