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I am not much of the type to take screenshots but recently I’ve been trying to capture some good moments for something I have in mind. So here is a  few that I thought were interesting. 🙂

Sofia and Lydia resting a bit while my argonian mage, Fingers-on-Fire, tries to solve a puzzle in a draugr tomb. I should have done a better job of hiding the UI there!

Lydia and Sofia just chilling inside a dungeon

Doge just ready for more adventuring. 🙂

Doge stare!

Inigo, the latest follower mod I’ve been testing. He has quite an… interesting personality. 🙂

Inigo talks about his fleas

The links lead directly to each mod page.

If I take any more interesting screenshots while playing Skyrim I will post it in the blog too. Hope everyone is having a  good weekend! 🙂

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  1. I just love Doge! He’s so cute in every way. I think he and Dogmeat are related though since they both enjoy blocking every doorway and getting underfoot in their respective houses. So realistic! 🙂

    Inigo is cute too, but I’m waiting for 2.1 before downloading him! (And also switching characters.)

  2. I love Doge too. But for now he is out of my mod list until I figure out my issues with stray dogs. And yes, I think Doge takes some sadistic pleasure in blocking people’s way but he acts all cute so we won’t get suspicious!

    Well, I decided to try Inigo since I am trying a khajiit ranger now. So figured out the two would make a good team. I am pondering also about doing the quest for that khajiit caravan guard and recruit him too. I think Expanded Towns and Cities also adds a khajiit followers (unless Missjennabee took him out or is planning to) that I can recruit so might do that as well. Then I will have a full team of khajiits adventuring out there and being compulsive thieves! 🙂

  3. That dog is so pretty!

    I’ve still not managed to actually really play the game. I need a windowed mode or I’ll go crazy and when I started modding the game, something was off and I got annoyed. I don’t even remember what it was. 😉

    • There is a windowed mode for Skyrim under in the game’s loader options. Although I don’t remember how stable it is… All my experiences with windowed mode in Bethesda games is that is very crash-prone when alt-tabbing. But yours may be different.

      With Skyrim I am using this solution for windowed mode and also for stability purposes. It is slightly more complex than just installing a mod and forgetting about it but it works pretty well.

      And if you ever try to mod the game again and has any problems with it feel free to contact me and I will help anyway I can. 🙂

  4. Hahaha, I love Doge!

    And that khajit, just… eeew. O_O

    Also, I recognize the agony of having a good shot but forgetting to take away the UI for it. Most often when I think “oh, this is funny”, take a shot, but don’t think about wanting to use it for my blog. And then it always happens to turn out to be the perfect picture for that certain subject I come up with… aargh.

    • Doge is the best!

      In defense of Inigo I took him out of the Riften prison and I don’t think they let people take bath theres. That is assuming Khajiits even take baths in the first place. I mean, they are half cats…

      What makes it complicated to me is that I am not the type to take pictures in real life, much less screenshots in games. So when I usually think about it I have as much finesse and thought as a bull in a porcelain store. I am trying to force myself to be a bit better with Skyrim though as I have something in mind. If that something in mind will ever become reality or not is something to be seem though!

      • Ohhhh, now you’ve made me super curious!

        The nice thing about taking screenshots in games is that nobody notices you taking any, and you can just try out and fiddle with them undisturbed. And nobody will see all the crappy ones you end up deleting from your screenshots folder either. (Uhh, apart from the boyfriend who starts wondering why his harddrive is getting full at some point – oops.) Oh, and the best thing is that it’s free of course. (I don’t own a RL camera. *sobs* But at least I can go berserk in games!)

        That bull in a porcelain store comparison made me laugh. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit. ^^

        • *sigh* I should not make a mystery out of it as it will create unwanted hype. Ok, so what I am thinking of doing is resurrecting my Skyrim mod list. The thing is back in the day when people in the blogosphere made posts recommending they posted screenshots of said mods. While I did it only some descriptions of it… So I realized my way was pretty lame and I should do better. I mean, a good screenshot can help a lot to decide if it is a mod you want to use or not.

          Now the problems are 1) Take good screenshots of said mods. 2) I have tendency of acting like an ADD kid in a candy store when it comes to mods. It is like “Oooh.. This mod looks fun! I will give it a  try”. Then a couple days later I found another mod that does the same thing in a different way and I go like “Oooh… This mod looks like it is more fun and interesting than the other one so I will give a try to this one instead.” And some of those mods are the ones that change things significantly enough that require having to start a new game. So that doesn’t help much. 3) Some of the mods require some significant play through to see if it is something I actually like and would recommend. And to take screenshots of it in action. Which is another hurdle to make this quickly.

          Again, I will remind this might or might not end up becoming a reality. Depends on how much work it will be to take all those screenshots.

          And true that about screenshots. I would feel very self-conscious if I was taking pictures outside and people kept looking at me because of it. As for owning a camera, well, smartphones are becoming so ubiquituous and more potent each year that a smartphone should do the work just fine. Unless you want professional photographs in which case you would need a lot more expensive and complicated hardware anyway.

          • If I’d want to make good photos it’d have to be with a good camera, yes. I’ve fiddled around with my brother’s one a bit and that worked out pretty good. (I actually made him a bit jealous. Poor brother.) But anyway, that’s not something I’m actively pursuing; there are so many other fun things to do, and I don’t really like the technical part of working with cameras. I’d say a good metaphor for taking good-looking pictures with your smartphone is trying to make amazing screenshots with a crappy graphics card. It’s just a lot easier with a good one! ^^

            Then on your maybe-project: sorry for creating a one-person hype! xD

            I was much the same with mods as you, installing them left and right. If I’m allowed to give advice, I’d not take screenshots of every single one, because that’s just going to be so much work and not all the mods will have an easy way of capturing what they do. I found back your old list of mods here ( If you’re afraid it’ll turn into a monster project you could always go for one screenshot per subject (e.g. Followers, Mounts etc)? That way it’s nice for readers as well. With how long that list is, you could even make a whole blog post out of each subject (e.g. Skyrim follower mods, Skyrim mount mods etc.). Also, I always deploy the I-just-insert-a-screenshot-when-I-happen-to-have-one-that-fits method (shhh, don’t tell anyone!) and I never get complaints of not having enough screenshots! 😉

            Anyway, now I’m going to shut up, because it’s your blog of course!

            Good luck with whatever it is you’ll end up doing. I’m already super happy there’s a Rakuno post here again to enjoy!

          • I see what you mean with that analogy and I can agree that would make a world of difference in the hands of someone who has talent for photography (which seems to be your case). In the hands of someone who completely lacks any talent for it (like me) the only difference would be in a higher resolution and a much bigger file size. Really, the pictures would have that kind of “My vacation pictures that nobody cares about” quality to it.

            No need to apologize. I should know better by now I should just say what I am thinking about doing and add a disclaimer that is something I may or may not do depending on circunstances.

            Your idea about making each category a blog post on its own is a pretty good one. It would allow me to break the project into smaller releases instead of worrying about making one giant, perfect, list and at get some feedback about it as we go along. Then when eveything is done I can put into a compiled list the way I was planning to. It also has the advantage of getting me into the blogging habit. I will have to think about it since the way I am thinking about it there could be issues too. Thanks  for the suggestion! 🙂

            And please, never shut up. I love your comments and you can see your feedback is also much appreciated! 🙂

            Aw. Thank you!

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