Some useful Animal Crossing: New Horizons sites

As I imagine it is with a lot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons players, I collected quite a few bookmarks related to the game. They range from useful sites to tweets with designs and QR codes and even island ideas.

I figured I might as well list some of these sites here. Most of these links were shared in Discord channels I hang in and a few I found out while googling. I hope it helps someone else and if you have a link to a good resource for this game, feel free to share in the comments below! 1

Nook’s Guide

The "Available Now" section of Nooks Guide
Just this section is worth giving the site a try for me!

Nook’s Guide is a site that offers multiple services. Right now they are:

  • See what bugs and fishes are available right now, with the info on location, time, how much bells they can be sold for and which are leaving this month.
  • A pro design section where users can share their creations
  • Make a checklist of what fishes and bugs you caught as well as items you donated to the museum. It can also track which K.K. Songs you have registered too.
  • A turnip tool where you can keep track of the price variance of turnips in your island, share it with others and check what is the current price in other people’s islands.

For the last two you will need to make an account which is a pretty simple, fast and straightforward endeavor. An account is also necessary if you want to upload your own designs but if you just want to browse them to see their code then it isn’t necessary.

I find the “Available Now” part of the site to be extremely useful combined with the checklist of what I already donated. This allows me to focus on only the bugs and fish I haven’t caught yet and plan on which one to get during a playing session.

But I also like the Turnip Tool as it gives a neat graphic of the price variation as you input the numbers. 🙂

My only nitpick is that the Turnip Tool only allows you to input the buying price on Sunday’s morning which seems a bit of a silly restriction but there may be good reasons for that.

Animal Crossing Pattern Tool

Not made by me, obviously, but it is a good example of what it can do!

This is a neat site that allows you to upload an image and turn it into a QR code to be used in the game. It even gives a preview on how it will look, allows you to edit it in the site and allows you to share your creation with others or save as an image to your computer.

It also has a bunch of other creations already, uploaded by other people. So even if you don’t have something in particular that you want to convert there might still be some interesting finds there.

Turnip Prophet

The Turnip Prophet page
It actually worked for this week!

The purpose of this site is to try to predict what the selling price of the Turnip will be for that week. I have no idea how it does it or even if it is accurate. But the more data you input the more it narrows down the possibilities.

Again, no idea if it will work or if it is just an interesting diversion so base your decisions on this site’s predictions at your own risk!


The NookNet Tune Creator
If it wasn’t for this site I’d certainly just make some random tune and go back to the default one

If you are tone deaf like me but still want some cool tunes for your island then NookNet is for you. It has a bunch of different tunes created by its users that you can browse and even preview on the site. Then once you find the one you like you just have to copy the notes in-game.

It also has a Custom Design part that you can even filter by pretty much every category available in the game right now or do a search for something specific.

Of course you can also share your own creations through the site too but as always it requires an account for that.

Nook Miles Outdoor Furniture Rewards: Every Item & Color Variant

Screenshot from the Nook Miles Outdoor Furniture guide from Animal Crossing World.
All the colors!

I don’t know how many people know this but those outdoor furniture we can get for nook miles vary in color depending on the island. This guide made by the folks at Animal Crossing World lists all the variants currently available in the game, including their Nook Miles price.

If you see one there that you like and isn’t available to you try to reach to the community and see if anyone has it. Most people will be more than happy to share with it!

Also, I only found out about this site today while I was looking for something else for a friend but they apparently have a bunch of other neat guides and news there. So I recommend checking the rest of the site too! 🙂

Oh, and if you want a handy way to share which ones you have and which ones you want, someone made this neat image.

Animal Crossing Journal

The "Post It Notes" section of my Animal Crossing Journal in Notion
I really need to fill this one with more stuff!

This one isn’t quite a site as much as an Animal Crossing template shared over Reddit to be used on a site called Notion. If, like me, you never heard of Notion before, it seems to be a site that allows people to create task journals either for work as a team or as a personal one. It is pretty easy to use and to customize. It also has versions for iOS and Android if you prefer using it as a mobile application.

If you prefer to keep an actual good ol’ real life, physical, journal scroll down that thread as there are some ideas and images you can download for that too.

Myself I will give a try to the Notion version, probably just to keep track of my residents. I even made a few modifications already to that template to fit my needs. 🙂

Flower chart for crossbreeding efficiency

A neat Flower Crossbreeding Efficiency Guide in grids of 5 for Animal Crossing New Horizons!
This could probably double as some sort of puzzle!

In case this is your first Animal Crossing game, there are certain flower colors that you can’t obtain unless you try crossbreeding existing flowers. The way you do it is by planting the base flowers with the required colors near each other in a way that when the game spawns a new flower it will be of the desired new color.

The chart in the link above has a very easy, visual guide, to show the most efficient way to do it. It also shows what colors you can get with what combinations.

I tried to track down the original source of that chart in Reddit but apparently the thread was deleted. So I suggest that anyone interested download that chart just to be on the safe side. If anyone else has a good link to a practical and more permanent chart like that I’d appreciate very much if you could share it.


These are the most useful sites and information I found so far. If I find more later on I will make sure to do a follow-up post. For now I hope these were useful to someone! 🙂

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