[FFXIV] Ding! All crafting classes to 50 on Rakuno

It took me far too long but yesterday I finally got all the crafting classes to level 50 with Rakuno.

Part of the reason it took so long is because once I got to level 40 I decided to level them exclusively through the Ixali Beast Tribe quests. On one hand, they gave me some pretty good XP and all the materials necessary for crafting. On the other hand, I was limited to 12 quests per day, had to use some stupid glove that lowered my CP and do it with a debuff that not only lowered my CP but some times limited what skills I could use.

To make matters even worse the grind became so bad that just the thought of it didn’t me want to do it. And yes, there were other options I could use to level the crafting classes (and I even did use levequests for one of them). It is just that I was stubborn and didn’t use them.

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[FFXIV] More mini-goals achieved

I am still making my way through the main storyline in Stormblood. Although I have a lot I could say about the stuff I’ve seen so far I am still trying to digest every thing.

I did accomplish a couple of other goals though which should be easier to write about. This post will be about those.

P.S.: My connection to the internet is really crap right now and I can’t access the game to take screenshots. I will add them as soon as things get back to normal here.

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[EQ2] One long-term goal completed!

All of Rakuno's Antonia Bayle characters in one picture!

One of my longest goals in Everquest 2 has been to have one of each crafting (there are 9) at the level cap. Well, this weekend it finally happened! Heusuni, my weaponsmith (the second ratonga from left to right in the picture above) finally dinged level 100 on… Friday night, I believe (my memory is a bit hazy from the whole weekend). And with that I have full independence as far as crafting goes which should make it easier to gear up my characters as they level up.

There are still some crafting related things I have to accomplish with them. Some quests for advanced recipes and finishing Qho’s (aka the little devil spawn) questline for the harvesting pony. But I will do those slowly over time.

I will also have to repeat the same feat over in the Crushbone server because… apparently I am a masochist and playing at another server at the same time seemed like a good idea at the time. This is another thing I won’t worry much about right now though.

What I really want to spend some time now that this goal has been accomplished is spending a bit more time on the adventure side of the game and doing some more decoration. I have been neglecting both a lot and it is about time the alts got some love in those areas. As always, we’ll see how it goes!