[FFXIV] Preparing for Shadowbringers

Nothing like a looming expansion release to remind you how much you have neglected a  game. There were so many things I wanted to have done by now but unfortunately I got distracted by other games and now I have to play catch-up.

To make matters worse there are two events going on right now and I want to do them all. Granted, the “Make It Rain” campaign isn’t a big deal since there isn’t anything I really need from the Gold Saucer right now. And the Lost Allagan Tomes are just stuff that is more convenient to get through it. Missing either wouldn’t really hurt me in any way.

Silly whining aside, here is what I have been up to in Final Fantasy XIV:

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[FFXIV] Ding! Red Mage level 60!

Rakuno posing as level 60 Red Mage in front of a fountain

Since I got my Samurai to level 70 it made sense that my next Job to level would be Red Mage. I already had it at level 50-something and have been choosing Red Mage gear from those quest rewards for casters.

Last Friday I finally got it to level 60, half-way there and finished their first story questline. Here are my thoughts on that story:

WARNING! Spoilers about the Red Mage story from 50 to 60

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[FFXIV] Stormblood – First Impressions

Members of the resistance by their campfires

Stormblood’s release was something I was really hyped about for several reasons. The main one probably being that we finally get to see Ala Migho, a place I’ve heard about since back way in 1.0 and always imagined how it looked.

Back then I didn’t have much of a point of reference to imagine it since all mentions were always like “Oh, yeah, Ala Migho that place that was conquered by the Garlean empire”.  With ARR I finally started to have some image of it with the existence of Little Ala Migho. Even that paled in comparison to what I saw when I stepped into the soils of the real Ala Migho. 🙂

But I am getting ahead of myself. This post will be mostly what I’ve seem so far which is about from level 60 to 64. Also MILD SPOILERS ABOUT THE STORY ahead.

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Returning to Final Fantasy XIV

A long while ago, back when it was announced that version 1.0 of Final Fantasy XIV was going to end so they could relaunch the game with better mechanics, I was totally fine with it. As I said back then the game had a good core but too many systems that were confusing or obtuse to use. Plus during the whole road to the relaunch they were very good at communicating what changes they planned to make, why they were going to make those changes and they also kept channels open for feedback. A lot of it I could completely agree with too. It were changes that the game needed.

Then came the beta for version 2.0, the version where the game was going to be relaunched at as a “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn”.  Since I played during 1.0 I was automatically allowed to participate in that beta. But I wasn’t able to play more than a few minutes before logging out, heartbroken for what the came turned out to be.

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[EQ2] My goals for August 2015 – The results

Casimir doing a hello... supposedly!

You know what they say about the plans of men and mice…. And so it was  for me, with my plans for August being derailed almost to the point where I didn’t get any of the stuff I was planning done. It started simple enough, like all my derailings usually happen, by getting more interested into another game, namely in this case Dark Souls. It was one of those games that makes you forget about all other games and want to play just that one. I just stopped playing because I got to a part I wasn’t figuring out how to get past and got annoyed enough to get some time off it. Then a few days later after that my CPU started overheating when I played pretty much any game. I was able to fix it but it did end up leading to other hardware problems which I didn’t fix yet. But at least I can play games now without my computer getting so hot I could fry eggs on it. :p

There were also a few other things here and there that has left me with a scattered brain but those are the more “note-worthy” ones. So my original intention was to make this a monthly thing, where I’d set some goals to accomplish in Everquest 2 and by the beginning of the next month see what I actually got done and else I intended to do for the new month. But with my current state of mind I really don’t feel like playing Everquest 2. In fact, I don’t feel like playing anything in particular right now. If I do play anything this month I might just putter around in different games. So for the time being this little experiment ends here. I might pick it up again at a another date when I feel more involved with Everquest 2 (or even another MMO).

With all that rambling aside, what did I actually accomplish in the game? More than I actually thought!

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[EQ2] My goals for August 2015

Rakuno pondering

Usually the way I play is a pretty ad-hoc way with some nebulous goals in mind. But I thought it might be interesting to try formalizing these goals for a month then look back next month to see how many of them I accomplished, which ones I didn’t and why. If this works out I might make it a regular thing. So these are my goals for EQ2 in the month of August. Keep in mind they aren’t in any particular order!

Short term goals

These are the goals I believe can be achieved in a month. Well, as long as nothing happens to keep me away from the game or my fickle nature kicks in and I go on a sabbatical from MMOs. :p

Getting Kahlef to level 100 adventurer and gearing him up

Getting the levels should be pretty easy. He is already level 99 and some percent towards the next level. That should happen in the next few days in fact. Gearing him up will be a bit more complicated. I do not have a tailor in the Crushbone server yet to make him some level 98 mastercrafted gear. Actually I don’t have any crafter that could make him some level 98+ mastercrafted gear. I don’t even know if I have  enough rares to do it anyway. So I will have to rely on whatever I can get as drops from the Advanced Solo dungeons and Yellow Gems to upgrade those gear. It will take a while and depend on the RNG gods so might not be all that feasible in a month.

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