[FFXIV] Stormblood – First Impressions

Members of the resistance by their campfires

Stormblood’s release was something I was really hyped about for several reasons. The main one probably being that we finally get to see Ala Migho, a place I’ve heard about since back way in 1.0 and always imagined how it looked.

Back then I didn’t have much of a point of reference to imagine it since all mentions were always like “Oh, yeah, Ala Migho that place that was conquered by the Garlean empire”.  With ARR I finally started to have some image of it with the existence of Little Ala Migho. Even that paled in comparison to what I saw when I stepped into the soils of the real Ala Migho. 🙂

But I am getting ahead of myself. This post will be mostly what I’ve seem so far which is about from level 60 to 64. Also MILD SPOILERS ABOUT THE STORY ahead.

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