The Witcher finished!

End credits for The Witcher

Last night I completed one of the games that have been in my bucket list for a long time, The Witcher. Just so you have an idea of how long I have been trying to finish this game, I bought it when it was a new release, way before the whole Enhanced Edition even existed.

The main reason it took me this long to finish this game is because the combat is, well, clunky. This would always annoy me to the point that I’d eventually stop then get distracted by another game and completely forget about The Witcher.

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Games I’ve been playing – January 2020

January has been one of those weird months where it felt too short and yet very long too. I don’t even know how to explain this phenomenon. All I know is there was a bunch of things I wanted to do but didn’t either because I got sick or the weather wasn’t collaborating. Or both.

This also end up happening to games but at least in this case there was only one culprit: Monster Hunter World. Seriously this is one of those games that seem to distort time: you go for just one hunt and next thing you know it is almost midnight and you need to go to bed.

Somehow I did manage to get to play other games too! They were mostly before I got sucked back into Monster Hunter World, but still, they are something else that I can talk about!

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Witchering in the Witcher

One of the things I wanted to do last month but didn’t was to finish the first Witcher game. It is a game I had since back when it was still new and every time I tried I ended up getting distracted by other games. Then once I decide to go back to the Witcher I always end up restarting because I couldn’t remember anything and because “It is just a short game, so it should be fine to restart!”. Yeah, Famous Last Words and all that.

Before someone advises me to just play the third game, I’d normally agree to with the sentiment but in this case I think the first game is still worth playing. The gameplay is clunky, yes, but the story so far has been interesting.

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Gaming Goals for October 2018

Rakuno checking his Smart Tomestone

October is one of those special months to me due to Halloween. It is not a holiday we celebrate here so I have a weird fascination with it. Even though if we did celebrate it here I’d probably be annoyed by having to open my door give kids some candy or people expecting me to put on a costume. XD

I do like the Halloween events in MMOs though since it is all the silliness of it but without any of the annoyance!

Anyway, I am still experimenting with the  format  for these gaming goals posts. I am not sure if I should keep the results of the previous month in the same post as the goals or break it into two different posts. It is something I will need to think a bit more and decide what I want to do once the end of October rolls around. For now you get both in a single post.

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Gaming goals for September 2018

Rakuno dressed as a butler

Going to try setting myself some monthly goals again. Hopefully this will keep me focused on certain games I have been meaning to accomplish certain things and make me not feel slightly less guilty about the backlog.

I will try to not beat myself up too if I don’t accomplish any of the goals. If that is the case I can just bump it for the next month or some other time where I feel it would be more appropriate.

For this month I will try to be very conservative on my goals just to establish a baseline for future posts of this kind.

Without further ado, here are the goals for this month:

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