My Variety Gamer Score

A cropped version of the variety gamer score just to serve as a banner for this post

It seems like the Variety Gamer Score is doing the rounds in certain circles of the internet again. If you haven’t heard about it before it is basically a list of 100 arbitrary game franchises that are a mix of PC and console games. You are supposed to mark the ones you’ve played, count them up and you will have your “variety” gamer score.

I believe I saw it first back in 2022 while it was circulating on Twitter. I was even sure I got my score too. However I looked at my blog and couldn’t find it. Even weirder is I couldn’t find any copy of it in my computer too!

This is probably one of those cases where I did it, posted to twitter then lost the original files at some point. It happens more often than you can imagine. :p

But just in case I am going to make a post about it so it doesn’t get lost again. Well, not unless the blog is gone but that is a different kind of problem. :p

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