The Minecraft Logs #10: Building all the factories!

Well, okay, it wasn’t all of them. Just all of the essential ones to make my life in Minecraft easier: generators for andesite, iron and gold. The last two were generators that I have been meaning to build since I installed the Create mod months ago but due to the lack of brass I couldn’t make them immediately. Then I was finally able to make brass ingots, took a break and next thing I know it is some months later and here I am playing the game again!

Of course, they weren’t the main reason I installed Create in the first place but they were an important part of it.

Anyway, before we get to any of that we need to backtrack a little so I can explain how I finally got to this point.

P.S.: This is post #6 for Blaugust 2021

Back in my last post of this series I mentioned that my plan was to google some house blue prints, modify it to my needs and then build it in Minecraft.

That was the plan. A plan that, like all my other plans, looked good on paper. But once again I ran into the “alien pretending to be a human” syndrome, making me curse once again my lack of visual creativity.

Then I realized: since my plan was to build all of those factories underground anyway I didn’t really need any fancy stairs down or secret passages leading to it or whatever. I could just dig down a hole, slap some ladders on it, cover it with a trap door and voila, I had a perfectly fine entrance down to my basement!

And for that the first house I built was perfectly fine. I even found the perfect spot for it next to the fireplace.

Thankfully I didn’t had to rebuild it since before destroying it I saved a blueprint of it with Create. Then I just had to use Create’s schematicannon to have the house back.

With a nice place to call home again my first order of business was to get myself an auto-storage/sorter because I really needed the organization. For this I decided to go with an expanded version of this design by RagePlaysGames.

The auto-storage/sorter!
Organization, hoh!

Even though the design is pretty simple it still took me a lot of time to build it. Some of the reasons for that were all the leather I needed for the frameworks (back then all I had was a vanilla farm for those), deciding on how I wanted to organize everything and then making the appropriate filters.

Next time I try to make an auto-sorter I will try to come up with a different, more flexible solution because this one was a pain to setup the way I did it.

Once the storage part was sorted out I end up making a Lava Generator (picture at the top of this post), an Andesite Generator and an Iron Generator. Their designs were also provided by RagePlaysGame.

The only trick with those was carving up a large enough room. Because of that I tried to build the Lava Generator in my Creative Mode world first to have an idea of the size of the room but that only doubled my work. I also tried to tweak the Lava Generator design a bit for aesthetic purposes which made it take even more time.

But the one that gave me the most trouble was the Gold Generator, again by RagePlaysGame. I decided to tweak the design for this one too due to aesthetics and the space I had available. This proved to be a lot more tricky than I anticipated because if you don’t get everything with the powered with the right speed there will be issues.

The prototype of my version of the Iron Generator
I am sorry for the terrible screenshot, I should have paid more attention to it before taking it all down. Still you can see one of the problems building up there.

The first problem I noticed is that the gravel was being backed up before being able to be transformed into sand. My first attempt to fix this was to raise the speed of the Crushing Wheels which of course didn’t fix anything.

Using that thing between my ears that I should definitely use more, I figured out that the problem was the fan. With my design just one fan wasn’t washing the sand fast enough and that was causing all the gravel to back up, unable to be processed. To fix that I decided to raise the number of fans from 1 to 10. I also decided to clean up the design while at it.

The final version of my Iron Generator
Not much a better screenshot but at least the final version of the generator doesn’t look like a horrible mess anymore!

That solved the problem with the gravel. But now I had another problem on my hands: the drills were breaking the stone faster than the mills could process it generating some cobblestone.

My first attempt to fix it was to raise the Mill’s speed from 16 to 32… which honestly I am not sure did anything. Since that didn’t work as I hoped for I lowered the speed of the drills from 16 down to 8, finally fixing the last of the issues my design.

To finish with the machinery I built an Ore Processing room by tweaking a design from Rockit14 and a Bulk Smelter, once more from RagePlaysGames.

With all of these machines I don’t have to mine again for a while unless I need diamonds or emeralds since Create doesn’t have anything for those.

I was also thinking of building a bakery, an automated wool farm and an elevator for my mine. Of all of these I think I will only build the elevator. I spent way too much time building everything else and I don’t really need those right now. The elevator however would be useful since my stairs down to the mines are kinda of a mess…

After that I’d like to build a railroad to one of the villages to make getting there easier, try to tame the Nether a little and see what I need to get to the Ender dimension.

Tetra and Enchantments

Amidst all this crazy building I have also been testing the mod Tetra. While I love the way it allows me to upgrade my tools I ran into a couple issues related to enchanting.

This applies to version 3.14.1 of Tetra for Minecraft 1.16.5. I am noting it just in case someone in the future reads this and the mod author has changed it.

Anyway, the problem I had was that Tetra is completely incompatible with the Matrix Enchanter from Quark Oddities. This upset me so much that I was considering dropping Quark Oddities from my mod list since the enchanter was the only thing there that I wanted to use.

Then I realized that I didn’t have to use the enchanting table for it. I could just put the enchantment I wanted in a book then use the Tetra workbench to enchant the weapon/tool I want.

A pickaxe in the Tetra workbench with some options to hone it, enchant it or change the head.
You’d think I’d think of that earlier considering the enchanting option is right there, so very easy to see.

It is a bit more work but at least I don’t have to worry about compatibility. Given that is a feature on the workbench makes me think that is how the author intended for people to enchant Tetra weapons/tools. It would be nice if there was some sort of documentation to confirm that though.

The other bit related to this is that any enchantment on a tool/weapon will disappear if you upgrade the part that was enchanted. Also the enchanted part will disappear as it is replaced by the new one.

So, don’t enchant anything that you plan to upgrade or don’t put any enchantment that you can’t easily replace or have some mod that can retrieve enchantments from items. Any of those options should work.

None of these are deal breakers for me and I intent to continue using Tetra. But I thought I should write it down in case someone else ran in the same problem. Or in case future me completely forgets about it!

Mods Added

In what is becoming a troublesome tradition for these posts, here are the new mods I added since the last post:

Just Another Rotten Flesh to Leather Mod by alexdaum1

I hate the vanilla’s leather farms. The ones that use cow are just a pain to setup and feel horribly cruel to me. Yes, I know it is just pixels on a computer screen but feelings are hardly rational and my feelings on this are no different.

The one that uses the hogs from the Nether I have no issue with…. except they are also a pain to setup and there is the problem of having to go to the Nether to collect the leather.

So I decided to install this mod to solve all my leather problems! Rotten flesh is an item that doesn’t have many uses in vanilla Minecraft and even in my modded game there is only a couple recipes from Farmer’s Delight that use it. Given all that I figured turning them into leather would be a better use for the rotten flesh.

TrashSlot by BlayTheNinth

I often end up having more cobblestone and dirt cluttering my inventory than I know what to do with. Instead of continuing to try to find some lava to throw all those away or switching to Creative Mode just to destroy them I decided to install this mod instead.

It does pretty much what the title says, add a trash slot to the inventory to get rid of the items plus some other quality of life features related to trashing them. Much easier to keep my inventory clean now!

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