The Minecraft Logs #13: Building all the things! (Or feeling like that, anyway)

After a brief break to go through Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion and do the Expeditions Redux in No Man’s Sky, I am back in Minecraft… or so I was planning to say when I started writing this post. Turns out I got a bit burned out from building a lot of stuff and end up taking a break from Minecraft to play some Hitman 2. I will come back to it eventually, just need to scratch this itch for Hitman first.

Anyway, my goal was to build some stuff that I’ve been putting off for a while then get into the magic mods I have installed, Ars Nouveau and Astral Sorcery. I just meant to build a few things too, a stable, a chicken coop, proper farms, an XP farm and some machinery to automate certain things. Also a reorganization of my storage system because it was in dire need of some expansion.

What actually end up happening is that I started to build much more than that. You will see what I mean as I describe what I actually did.

P.S.: All the screenshots in this post were taken with the Complementary Shaders and the Stay True resource pack.

So, the first thing I built were a barn/stable and a chicken coop. For some reason with my current modded setup finding the vanilla Minecraft animals have been a challenge. I am not entirely sure how much of it is due to the biome I built my house in and how much is due to mods.

Whatever the case may be, I wanted to have some cows and chickens to have easy access to milk and eggs. Also horses to make traveling to distant locations faster, sheeps for their wool and pigs for their meat.

For the barn/stable I tried to build something based on this design by SheepGG. My version (pictured at the top of this post) turned to be a lot uglier, empty and with some lighting flaws but it will do for now!

The chicken coop I made was based on this design by Nitrox Nova. Again, I changed a few things around. Mainly I made mine just to automatically collect the eggs. No killing in here. Also, my chickens are free to roam inside their coop. :p

The only flaw in my design is that I couldn’t make some nests in the coop for the chickens but it is not likely I will enter it anyway so it won’t bother me that much.

Eventually I intent to use something from Ars Nouveau that will automatically get meat and leathers from the animals without killing them. But I need to build some other stuff first before I get to that. I will go into more details about it when I eventually talk about the magic mods.

After that was done I built an automated farm with Create. Nothing fancy here, just a popular, easy to build design.

Right now I only got a couple of those. One for wheat, beetroot, potato and carrots and the second one for flax, cabbage, onion and magebloom.

I also planted some tomatoes in another spot but that one doesn’t have any kind of automated harvesting.

Eventually I’d also like to plant some rice, watermelon and pumpkins. Maybe even some cocoa too. Although none of those will have automated harvesting. Well, maybe the cocoa if I plant it.

Oh, I’d like to plant some mushrooms too. But this is something I will need to do some research on first as I have no clue about the requirements for that.

It may be hard to see here but each sub-area is a different crop. Even then I still get way more produce than I will ever use!

I also rebuilt my XP farm, near the closest village. The reason I built it there is so I can take advantage of the Bounty Board from Bountiful. This way I can get a quest from the board, kill some monsters in my XP farm and then get the XP and the board reward! Win-win!

Although, I am wondering if I built it too low. After the first wave of spawn the mobs just seem to take longer than my previous world XP farm to respawn. It is something I will need to investigate further eventually.

As for everything else I built so far, it was a small room for the Tetra workbench for whenever I get the forge upgrade, an enchanting/spellmaking room, a bulk smelter, a room to produce mana from burnable blocks and reformed my crushing ore room.

When I stopped I was in the middle of building a room that would house Create’s containers for fluids. Just so, you know, I can have some lava stored for those times I need it. :p

Whenever I get back to Minecraft I will be finishing that room, making a machine to create paper automatically, a farm to get dried kelp and another machine to create clay. Those are all things that I will be needing a lot of so having them in my base would make my life easier.

Lastly, I’d like to make a building to house villager vendors to make it easier to trade for emeralds/other stuff I might be interested in.

After I am done with all those then I will finally try to delve into the magic mods. And after that probably try to do some building in/further exploration of the Nether too. Still lots to do in Minecraft!

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