The Minecraft Logs #6: Building and exploration

Once again I should have wrote this post a long time ago as there were significant progress in my game, enough that I might forget about it if I were to keep postponing it.

Part of the reason for the delay is that there was something I wanted to build and test out first before making a post. I only did it this weekend and although the results weren’t what I expected it was still a pretty good learning experience.

Before I get to that though there is a bunch of other stuff I’ve been doing in Minecraft that I’d like to mention.

Shortly after my last post in this series, my immediate concern was to build a house for myself. I needed more space to store my stuff and also there is only so long I can stand living in a house made out of dirt.

Since I started on a plains biome near the sea, I was unsure if I should build a water wheel house or a farm. Then I decided I should build both just because I could.

For the water wheel house I tried to build this one by Twin Saw. Then when I was nearly finished I realized I didn’t really like the roof and couldn’t build a better one myself. So I scrapped it all down, leaving only the base.

For the farm house I decided to go with this one by Zaypixel.

I also highly recommend her other builds too. They are all beautiful!

The only difference is that I chose to make mine with white concrete plus some other minor decoration differences due to materials available and preferences.

I eventually intent to make a secret basement in the house to put some of my machinery too, maybe even the enchanting table as well. But I need to figure out if I want to do it the vanilla way or if I can do it in a different way with Create. Either way I will need to build a slime farm first.

Create does have some alternative ways to get slime balls but I imagine I will need a lot of them so it will probably be easier to just build a slime farm.

After that I did some exploration on the overworld. I found two villages, one east of my house, in a different plains biome and another to the west, in a taiga biome.

Nothing exceptional about them but I managed to grab some other food to plant back at my farm. I also stole all their bookshelves as I figure I will make better use of them than the villagers. :p

The Nether was another place that I tried to explore but with less success. I did learn some hard lessons though.

The first one was when I just had gone through the portal and got attacked by a Ghast. If that wasn’t annoying enough by itself, the bastard even destroyed my portal!

Since getting back legitimately was close to impossible in those circumstances I decided to go into Creative Mode and gave myself a flint and steel. Now I will never go to the Nether without one. Well, as long as I remember this lesson, that is. :p

The other lesson was to build a shelter around my portal to protect it. It took a few trips as the stupid Ghast didn’t want to despawn that easily, even after I waited a few in-game days. But little by little I built it. It looks ugly as hell but it is functional.

My terrible screenshot skills aren’t making it any more flattering.

With my portal protected, at least from Ghasts, I started to look for what I really wanted: Blazes.

According to the Minecraft Wiki they only spawn in Nether Fortresses. Thanks to the Xaero’s World Map I could see the location of what looked like Nether Fortress and made a beeline to one of them…. only to find a wall of netherrack blocking my way.

Now a sensible person would try to find a way around that wall or maybe go explore some other place. I am not a sensible person so I tried to mine my way through it.

I dug a good bit before getting fed up and deciding this called for a better solution. In this case my idea of a better solution was to build a drill machine!

It worked pretty well on my tests on Creative…. which were far from the actual use case I was using it for. I only realized the flaws when I tried to use it to dig the tunnels in the Nether.

I present to you the Drill Master 2000!

To begin with, it wouldn’t collect the blocks it dug out because I put the chest on top. Since it was digging a tunnel the chest couldn’t open and therefore couldn’t collect anything.

The other major flaw is that to make it portable I was using a cart assembler and a cart. The problem is the way I designed it the cart assembler had to go under a linear case in front of the crank. Unless I dug out the walls around it I couldn’t easily reach it because the crank was in the way.

Then I thought about making it into a 3×4 driller as that is the size I use for the main tunnels when I go digging for ore in the overworld. It also should solve all the flaws with my design.

After thinking a bit more, what I will do is build a portal to the Nether near the two villages to see where it leads me. Then from there I will do some exploration. It also should make it faster for me to travel to those villages.

Before that though I think I will try to complete my enchanting area. I never dealt with a Blaze before so if I find one I want to make sure I have a fighting chance. :p

I will build a XP farm while at it too as I want as many enchantments as I can get.

Oh, one correction from my last post. In there I said if you weren’t careful using the Automated Packing to turn Iron Nuggets into Iron Ingots then they would turn the ingots into a Iron Trap Doors.

While that isn’t completely incorrect, I found out through this video by Pollart that we can put an Iron Ingot as a filter in the basin. This way it will leave the iron ingots alone until we pick it up or something else takes it away from the basin.

If you are interested in Create, check his other videos too as there are some cool stuff there.

For anyone interested, another cool resource to learn more about Create is RagePlaysGames. He already had a series about it but that one was with version 0.2 of the mod. The current version, 0.3, has some significant differences and RagePlaysGames is making a new series with it. You can find the first video of it here.

Speaking of mods, I decided to install another one, an inventory sorting mod. It is called… Inventory Sorter! It is pretty simple and is helping me to organize my stuff.

There are also a couple other mods I am pondering about installing but I need to think a bit more about it.

I will warn though that my mod list may end up exploding soon… The reason for that is one of my friends is setting up a Minecraft server for our D&D group to test her modpack. Depending on how much I like what I see there and if those mods are available for version 1.16.4 I might install them in my single-player world too. :p

And in case anyone is curious here is the current list of mods I am using.

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