Witchering in the Witcher

One of the things I wanted to do last month but didn’t was to finish the first Witcher game. It is a game I had since back when it was still new and every time I tried I ended up getting distracted by other games. Then once I decide to go back to the Witcher I always end up restarting because I couldn’t remember anything and because “It is just a short game, so it should be fine to restart!”. Yeah, Famous Last Words and all that.

Before someone advises me to just play the third game, I’d normally agree to with the sentiment but in this case I think the first game is still worth playing. The gameplay is clunky, yes, but the story so far has been interesting.

The last time I tried playing it I decided to play at the easiest difficult and use a walkthrough. Since I just wanted to see the game’s story I figured I might as well minimize time with combat as much as I could. The difficulty change was a good idea. The walkthrough though turned to be a bit of a double edged sword. I say that because the walkthrough recommends grinding some levels each chapter, an advice I made the mistake of following. First because unlike the author I hate grinding. Secondly because it was completely unnecessary at the difficulty level I am playing.

Because of that grind I end up burnt out and abandoned the game for some months. On the other hand thanks to the walkthrough I was able to come back to the game recently without any trouble. I have also been able to do a bunch of side quests I completely missed the first time I got this far into The Witcher. So I guess all in all using a walkthrough has been a net positive.

Currently I am at Chapter 3 of the game. Most of what I have been doing recently were side quests but I should be getting to the main plot soon. My hope is to finish this game before the end of the month but at this rate it seems unlikely. Specially because I also want to finish Uncharted (doable) and play some more of my second play through of Persona 5. With those two in mind I don’t think finishing The Witcher until the end of January to be all that doable.

In this play through I am going with a Neutral Witcher. I just figure it is more consistent with Geralt’s personality. Plus in general both sides of the conflict between non-humans and humans are full of terrible people that I couldn’t care less about. So they might as well kill each other and my version of Geralt will just keep slaying the monsters they create. :p

On a random note, unlike Belghast I didn’t have as much trouble getting into the Witcher universe, thanks to Geralt being amnesiac in this game. However I will admit that the Netflix show has enhanced my enjoyment of it. For example, before Vizima was just some city for me. Now I know there were a couple of important events for Geralt here.

Nilfgaard was also just another name without any meaning that would pop in dialogue from time to time. But now I understand why they were (and possibly still are) a big deal in the setting. I am also surprised that Dandelion/Jaskier has been able to hold to that lute after all this time. Specially considering his… “adventures”. XD

It also made me want to stop procrastinating so much and see if I can find a digital copy of the books somewhere. I just want to know more of Geralt’s original adventures.

Another random note: I wonder what kind of techno-voodoo CD Projekt Red developed The Witcher with because I couldn’t take screenshots of it with my usual program, SnagIt. My copy is from GOG so it doesn’t have a built-in screenshot tool. I tried other tools but found them not working too. Eventually I had to settle for the NVidia Geforce Experience which I am not entirely happy with but it is getting the job done.

Before someone points out I could just launch the game with Steam and then use it to take screenshots, yes, I know. No, I don’t want to use that method as I prefer to only launch Steam games through Steam. Yes, I am weird. No, I don’t care. :p

With any luck I will finish this game for good Soon ™. Then I can move on to Witcher 2 and eventually to Witcher 3! Wish me luck!

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  1. I have also struggled with completing the original Witcher game and after my last failed attempt, I just used YouTube to fill me in on the storyline and relevant cutscenes. For those who are especially adventurous, there are mods that radically overhaul the combat, which is the aspect of the game I found most confusing. These do allegedly improve the game but it all comes down to whether you are sufficiently motivated to tinker with such thing.

    • At this point I am just being stubborn to complete it. As much as the mechanics are clunky they aren’t bad enough that I can’t deal with them.

      I didn’t know about the mods though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Oh, well, I got this far into the game without mods so I will just continue with it that way.

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